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B etween hunting for cat toys in the great living room Savannah and luxiorus cat naps on countless comforters and blankets, our furry friends will eventually need to “go”. And when they do, you should use the best litter for both them and yourself: Diatomaceous Earth.

But how is it the best?

Diatomaceous Earth is Non-Allergenic, naturally harmless to humans and animals, has no added chemical elements, natural carbon and odor control and much, much more. This 100% natural and biodegradable litter helps absorb micro-toxins and eliminate odor at the same time.

Naturally Anti-bacterial, lightweight and sorbent,

Diatomaceous Earth is the best choice!

Not only is it great for you and your furry, four legged friend – it’s also great for the planet. With pollution free production, we aim to offer the greatest quality product with the lowest possible harmful impact on the earth.

Today, in an age of more, we often forget that our roots are sown deep in nature. Nature is part of all of us, but it simplicity often drives people to search for more. We forget that the use of natural resources is the answer to a healthier environment, healthier style of living and ultimately a healthier Us.

At Eco-World International we take small steps to come back to basics and share our experience with others. Our goal is to learn about our Planet’s potentials and share it’s benefits for all humanity.

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