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Kitty Litter that Your Furry, Four Legged Friend Will Love!

We, at Eco-world, sought out opportunities to preserve our planet using the most earth-friendly materials and pollution free production methods to bring you the very best litter products, pellet products and more.

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Latest Product

Earth Friendly & 100% Absorbing Cat Litter

Comprised of Diatomaceous earth, Planet Cat Kitty Litter is Non-Allergenic, Naturally harmless to humans & animals, has no chemical elements and much, much more!

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Latest Product

Cat Pellets Derived from Compressed Pinewood

Earth Friendly & Biodegradable Cat Litter Pellets from 100% Natural From Pure Land Untouched by Chemicals or Pollution. Suitable for kittens, adult and senior cats; long or short haired.

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About Eco-World International

Eco-world International was created to introduce and provide a healthy kitty litter choice that your furry, four legged friend will love.

We, at Eco-world, sought out opportunities to preserve our planet using the most earth-friendly materials and pollution free production methods. Our planet provides us with so much – our aim is to take care and give love in turn. We’re committed to nature and believe in the wealth of healthy choices. You are wealthy if you are healthy.

At Eco-World we make small steps to come back to basics and share our experience with others. Our goal is to learn about our Planet’s potentials; use it with benefits for all humanity and Universe.

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Our Products & Process

We put a lot of pride and effort into our products and processes in an effort to provide you with the very best.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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January 4, 2016

Get the Very Best for Your Furry Friend

B etween hunting for cat toys in the great living room Savannah and luxiorus cat naps on countless comforters and blankets, our furry friends will eventually need to "go". And…
January 1, 2016

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

A natural product with a wide variety of uses made up of fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. Usually referred to as "DE", Diatomaceous earth is a fine…

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Eco-world kitty litter is my now go to brand! The product is fantastic, non-allergenic and all-natural to boot! My cat loves it and so to I. Thank you!

Aura B.Cat Litter Customer

I searched high and low for something for my 10 year old cat who is in his later years. The pinewood pellets were the perfect solution. It does everything I need for my old guy and more.

Eve C.Pinewood Pellet Customer

I raise kittens and needed something that was softer and easier on the kittens. The Pinewood pellets were exactly what I needed. It's soft, smells great and very absorbent - covers all bases.

Jack G.Pinewood Pellet Customer

I found Eco-world's Litter and am more than pleased. I love how it's all natural without all those extra chemicals and toxins. It amazingly absorbent and does a great job hiding any scent.

Zak R.Cat Litter Customer

About Our Products

Our goal is to learn about our Planet’s potential and share its benefits with everyone. Click here to learn more about how we aim to make the world a better place with the very best, natural ingredients.

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