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A natural product with a wide variety of uses made up of fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms.

Usually referred to as “DE”, Diatomaceous earth is a fine talc like grain that is actually the remains of fossilized marine phytoplankton.

The substance is all natural and highly absorbent. But wait, there’s more. It will actually neutralize the ammonia and awful smell found in cat urine.

But wait, you guessed it, there’s even more. Small bugs which have an exoskeleton such as bed bugs, ants or fleas all have a waxy coating which protects their internal organs. The DE eats away their waxy coating which in turn dehydrates their organs. Mammals including us are immune to the substance. In fact if you eat any grain based food you probably have eaten lots of it because grain companies mix it in with their grains to keep the bugs out.

Who would ever guess, a cat litter with so many benefits.

Due to the characteristics and dynamics of this substance,  we developed “Mindful Cat” kitty litter. It’s what we like to call a sorbent. It is derived from diatomaceous earth.

Due to its chemistry it provides a higher sorption co-efficiency of liquids. As a result it has a significantly lower sorbent consumption. The moisture retaining capacity of this product can be as shockingly high as 95%.

It not only kills bad odors but due to the composition of it’s powder like dust surprisingly keep fleas away.

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